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Seniors have been forgotten for too long…
Forced into the shadows.
Made to be irrelevant.
Cared for, but not cared about.
WE (Millennials and Gen Z) need to step up to change this, not only for today’s Grays, but for us too— because Gray is Us Tomorrow.

Three Easy Steps

Show how different generations can admire and inspire the other by taking the IconAgeOverChallenge:

♥ Step 1: Grab a Senior (grandparent, friend, neighbor) and some girlfriends.

♥ Step 2: Have the Senior Ladies dress up like an under 40 celebrity they admire (give them some ideas if they're stuck!), and you (the Millennial gals) will dress up like a Senior Celebrity you admire (think Maggie Smith, Iris Apfel, Dolly Parton, etc.). Make sure you work in any items/props that represent your celebrity: heavy jewelry, glasses, hats, curly wigs, etc.

♥ Step 3: Snap a pic and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #IconAgeOver

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