Gray Contributor

gray contributor noun

grā | con·​trib·​u·​tor

1 :  You are young-ish
    a : ( <40 yrs) 

2 :  You are the founder of a cool senior project, business, or non-profit (go YOU!)

3 :  The idea of joining a tight-knit group of other senior-obsessed folks like yourself and connecting with them on the regular excites you
        a : think video conferencing, annual conferences, etc. – Gray lovers unite!

4 : You want our help spreading the word on what you’re doing and open to giving us a shout-out too! (Note: We have big mouths- in a good way.) 

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Our Current Gray Contributor Partners

Our Community


Julia Grace Vishnepolsky (Founder & CEO)

ALMA (previously known as “plantpals”) is redefining the way we relate to aging & dementia/Alzheimers. Inspiring belonging and vitality throughout the lifespan by creating intergenerational relationships with volunteers and underserved seniors living in long term care and addressing loneliness through movement, music, and art.

Incubated under UCLA Arts & Healing 5013c

Como Senior Care, LLC.

Janie Shelburn (Owner & Founder)

Day-to-day I am working one-on-one with the aging population in Columbia, MO as a Certified Care Manager and loving every minute of it. I truly believe in taking away the stress of aging by being right there to help people navigate these systems that don't naturally work well together. I also work as a consultant for healthcare facilities.

Online you will see me as a Thriving Aging Coach which is my outreach to the younger generation to get them JAZZED about aging. I give tips on how to age well with a mix of life wisdom that I've gained through spending my life with aging adults. I am passionate that aging should be embraced. I'm here to disrupt aging! 

Instagram: @thriving_aging_coach

Facebook: @ThrivingAgingCoach


Nurse In The Know

Bahamia Ulysse (Owner & Operator)

I own and operate Ulysse Advocacy & Consulting- a boutique Geriatric Care Management firm. I help millennials, and beyond, who are struggling to find solutions for managing the care of their aging loved ones. Through my 15-year long nursing career, I discovered that once a caregiver has the right knowledge, resources, and support, they are empowered.

Nurse in the Know is the figure I employ, via social media, to fulfill this mission. I create curated content about managing the care of aging loved ones and incorporating essential self-care practices. My vision is for caregivers to experience a more whole and fulfilling journey in their caregiving season. 

Instagram: @nurseintheknow

Facebook: @nurseintheknow1

The Listening Ear

Katie Cheeseman

I've had a love for the elderly for as long as I can remember. As I’ve worked with this special population throughout my nursing career and in caring for my grandparents, I’ve come to know how vital they are to our society and how much we can learn from their life experiences and wisdom.

While working with them, I’ve noticed how lonely they can be, and that all they really want is for someone to sit down and listen to them.

Too often, their stories go unheard or are forgotten. 

I created The Listening Ear Project as a way to be a listening ear for this generation and to share their incredible stories that deserve to be heard. It's been such a rewarding experience for me!

When I’m not hanging out with my elderly friends, you’ll find me spending time with my husband and two little kids, scouting out new restaurants, hiking, reading, or doing ballet.

Thank you for being here and for supporting The Listening Ear Project! 

Facebook & Instagram: @thelisteningearproject

The Silver Post

Carolyn Dalle-Molle & Charles Renwick (Co-Founders)

Modern solution to keeping in touch with the seniors in your life once a month by taking a pic (with caption), texting it to them, and the senior receives the pic as a postcard.

For Profit ; member subscription

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