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gerontology noun


1 :  The study of the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging. 

gero influencer noun

jer-ō | in-flü-ə​n(t)-sər

1 :  We are Millennials

2 :  We are the founders of cool Senior projects, businesses, and non-profits

3 :  We want to change how Millennials, and younger generations, view and treat Seniors

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Gero Influencer


Julia Grace Vishnepolsky (Founder & CEO)

ALMA (previously known as “plantpals”) is redefining the way we relate to aging & dementia/Alzheimers. Inspiring belonging and vitality throughout the lifespan by creating intergenerational relationships with volunteers and underserved seniors living in long term care and addressing loneliness through movement, music, and art.

Incubated under UCLA Arts & Healing 5013c

Como Senior Care

Janie Shelburn (Owner & Founder)

Day-to-day I am working one-on-one with the aging population in Columbia, MO as a Certified Care Manager and loving every minute of it. I truly believe in taking away the stress of aging by being right there to help people navigate these systems that don’t naturally work well together. I also work as a consultant for healthcare facilities.

Online you will see me as a Thriving Aging Coach which is my outreach to the younger generation to get them JAZZED about aging. I give tips on how to age well with a mix of life wisdom that I’ve gained through spending my life with aging adults. I am passionate that aging should be embraced. I’m here to disrupt aging!


Instagram: @thriving_aging_coach

Facebook: @ThrivingAgingCoach


Gero Influencer
Gero Influencer

Dot+Ellie Companion Services

Annie MacIntyre

Dot+Ellie Companion Services LLC is fondly named after my grandmother, Dot, and my great aunt, Ellie. Both played key roles in my upbringing and development, and inspired a career in Elder Care. I started Dot+Ellie after having worked at a senior living community for years and earning an M.S. in Management with a Concentration in Elder Care. This business was created to not only fulfill a genuine passion for assisting seniors, but also with a vision to surpass sub-par, traditional senior care with sincere, relationship-centered services to support aging adults and their inner circles while fostering security, smiles, and connections.


Facebook: Annie MacIntyre // Dot+Ellie Companion Services LLC

LinkedIn: Annie MacIntyre

Instagram: @dotandellie

Let’s Connect

Allegra Joffe Fahringer

Allegra founded and co-leads the Millennial 50+ Ambassadors of Northern VA, a volunteer club which formed in the Winter of 2019. They are a community of young professionals committed to bring positive change to the aging population in Northern Virginia. The club provides community members with 2-3x a month of intergenerational education, networking, resource information and more! In addition, Allegra is the Executive Director of Let’s Connect, LLC which launched May 2020. Let’s Connect provides social connection programs for older adults in Northern VA and throughout the nation online. Their programs include a phone chat and safety check calls for older adults, resource referrals, online intergenerational gatherings, performing arts outdoors to isolated neighbors, card mailings, fun packages, and older adult education for the community. Let’s Connect believes everyone should be connected and that no one should be alone. Let’s Connect and the Millennial 50+ Ambassadors partner with nonprofits, for profits, local government and clubs to support their missions. Follow her organizations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok!

Let’s Connect, LLC-



Millennial 50+ Ambassadors Facebook-

Gero Influencer
Gero Influencer

Love of Gray

Shelly Abich (Founder & SEO)

President of a Non-Profit with a mission to ignite a Millennial Movement for the benefit of Seniors.

Instagram: @loveofgray 

Nurse In The Know

Bahamia Ulysse (Owner & Operator)

A Guru for Millennial Caregivers, providing guidance, resources & tips. 

Instagram: @nurseintheknow

Facebook: @nurseintheknow1

Gero Influencer
Gero Influencer

One Senior Dream

Melissa Consentino

Melissa grew up with a strong relationship to her Grandma Mimi, which inspired her to begin working with older adults in high school.

Since 15, Melissa has dreamt of living in a culture where society embraces inclusion & values aging, where intergenerational connections & sharing inspiring stories are part of our everyday lives.  Melissa devoted her education & professional career to advancing the well-being of seniors.  Her undergraduate degree in Health Services Management concentrating in Long Term Care, & her Master of Social Work degree in Gerontology & Mental Health were obtained with the goal of improving the senior care industry.  Melissa is a certified dementia practitioner & graduate of LeadingAge’s leadership academy program.

Melissa founded One Dream, Inc in 2014, a nonprofit organization that fulfills dreams to lower income seniors. Melissa & “dream team” learn each senior’s story then surprise & delight, capture, & make the experience unforgettable. They partner with a younger generation of students who are involved in the planning & execution to inspire them to respect and celebrate their elders!

By day, Melissa is an Executive Director at Solera Senior Living, a next-generation luxury senior living company that inspires a better quality of life for seniors.

Facebook: @oneseniordream

Instagram: @oneseniordream


Ridge Senior Fitness

Rachel Ridgeway

I discovered my passion for seniors at the age of 16, while working as a waitress in a retirement community. After that, I tested out a variety of roles hoping to find my “niche” in the senior living space. Some of these roles included: CNA in a memory care unit, fundraising intern for the Alzheimer’s Association, home health care coordinator, and (my absolute favorite) a personal trainer for a senior living community in Denver!

After working in the software industry for a 7-year hiatus, I decided it was time to go back to what truly made me the happiest – working with seniors. I thought back to my time as a trainer often and realized that was the path I was meant to take. I took a leap of faith, started Ridge Senior Fitness, and I haven’t looked back since!

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS) working specifically with clients 70 years and better! I offer in-home personal training, walking companion services, and group fitness classes (in-person and over Zoom).


Instagram: @ridgeseniorfitness


Gero Influencer
Gero Influencer

Sensory for Dementia

Sarah Nord, MS, OTR/L, CDP

Sarah is an occupational therapist and Certified Dementia Practitioner. She is passionate about supporting the sensory and emotional regulation needs of people across the lifespan, including adults with dementia. Sarah has over 7 years of clinical experience with a specialty in sensory processing (she earned the STAR Institute’s Sensory Processing Disorder Proficiency Certification 1).

Sarah recognizes the way sensory health impacts function, behavior, and relationship with others throughout every phase of life. She raises awareness about all 8 sensory systems and equips you with a “sensory lens” so you can get curious about behavioral expressions from a different perspective.

Through Sensory for Dementia, LLC, Sarah provides educational resources and training to healthcare professionals, care facilities, and care partners. She shares tools that can help create more opportunities for loving connection and joyful engagement.

Learn more and connect with Sarah here:


Instagram & Facebook: @SensoryForDementia

Thriving Aging

Janie (Founder & SEO)

Geriatric Care Coach helping Seniors and teaching all ages how to plan ahead to age well.


Facebook: @ThrivingAgingCoach

Gero Influencer
Gero Influencer

The Dementia Guru

Ashley Stevens

For the past 12 years, Ashley Stevens has utilized her Gerontology background to provide support to caregivers throughout the state of North Carolina. Her story of dementia care began at a young age and continues today in her incredible work journey. 

You might be asking, “How did DEMENTIA become her life?! Isn’t dementia for old people?” Well not quite, and at the tender age of 6, Ashley was introduced to Alzheimer’s disease as she watched it take a toll on her Great Grandma Trollie. Decades later, as a millennial, Ashley has found herself organically in the midst of the dementia world, collaborating with families. It’s not just a job for Ashley – it’s her passion. Her calling.

Ashley holds a Bachelor’s degree in gerontology (the study of aging) from Bowling Green State University and she received her master’s degree in social work from UNCC. Her graduate certification is focused on dementia care practices, aging, and global research. She also holds a license in social work and therapeutic practices.

Ashley Started “The Dementia Guru” caregiving blog and aging lifestyle platform to share her personal care journey, as well as offer other caregivers and millennials a space to connect, learn, and feel empowered!



The Listening Ear

Katie Cheeseman (Owner & Operator)

Captures Senior stories so the love & lessons live on.


Facebook & Instagram: @thelisteningearproject

Gero Influencer
Gero Influencer

The Silver Post

Carolyn Dalle-Molle & Charles Renwick (Co-Founders)

Founder of a text-to-postcard business encouraging intergenerational connection.

For Profit ; member subscription

The Value of Wrinkles

Isabel Tom (Author & Speaker)

Isabel Tom is the author of The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving the Old will Change Your Life (Northfield Publishers, 2020). She is also a speaker, educator, and marketing consultant that enjoys innovating new ways to bless the older adult population. She has been featured on radio shows and podcasts and has offered speaking engagements at organizations like AARP, senior living communities, caregiving groups, faith communities, and even has hit the college and elementary school classroom on occasion. Professionally, she has served in the senior living and hospice field. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Public Health from the University of Maryland.

Connect with her by visiting

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