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Why… There Is A Problem!

Millennials & Seniors Struggle to Get Along

Did you know that there is a ‘beef’ between Millennials and Seniors? If you missed the Forbes 2014 article you can get the scoop by reading our recap on why building a movement of intergenerational awareness is so needed. Read the article, understand better how we can spark change, and how you can be a part.

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Millennials Have Misconceptions About Aging

Due to a lack of Senior interactions and other factors, younger generations have a plethora of misconceptions about aging, leading to negative opinions, a lack of engagement, and a tendency to ignore Senior struggles. This article addresses six common misconceptions and how you can show your love for Seniors.

How… We’re Making A Difference

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We are the OG Gero Influencers: Millennials obsessed with improving life for Seniors and leading others to follow suit

Collectively, we want to help change how Millennials, and younger generations, view and treat Seniors. 

We believe Seniors are undervalued and underserved, when they should be viewed as equals, capable, worthy, interesting, inspiring, wise, dynamic, experienced, and just plain awesome to know.

#GotYouGray Campaign

Love of Gray launched the #GotYouGray campaign of catchy phrases in 2020 to draw awareness and motivate Millennials to join our Movement.

Newsflash: Seniors have always been quarantined.

This Instagram campaign has helped our movement gain tremendous traction on social media and prompted fellow Millennials to begin speaking out on behalf of Seniors.

Love of Gray - Home
Love of Gray - Home
Love of Gray - Home
Love of Gray - Home
Love of Gray - Home
Love of Gray - Home

Where… We’re Being Noticed

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Love of Gray - Home
Love of Gray - Home

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